"This... is a story about love."
endeavourneverland: a story about love

We've started working on a book of "Endeavour" photographs and essays.
As we did our first one, "The Sea is Here", we're producing "Endeavourneverland" at the very small, and very stubborn, Unimpatient.1 - the very same two people, but as an independent publishing house. Flaming hoops and lost sleep, again? D├Ęgage!
While this affords us the ultimate luxury of following our vision, i.e. of making the book exactly how we want it to be, it's also quite a bit of work: not just photography and writing, but also graphic design, layout, editing, proofreading, material design, prepress, marketing, distribution, shipping. This is a big project that will take time away from our "real world" jobs. That's why we'll be grateful for your support in the months leading to the publishing day.
If you have helped with sending us to Oxford last summer, you're already part of the team - half of S9 filming pictures wouldn't exist otherwise. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your kindness made the impossible possible; this story is indeed about love. And not just that - it's a story about a fair and effective societal model: a community collectively "employing" its creatives to create.
All contributions come with little thank-you things and, of course, our immense gratitude. When you click the button below, you'll be able to choose how much you want to give and whether you'd like it to be a one-time or recurring payment. One-time payments over $50 will get you a small print and a postcard set of your choice. Subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter with previously unpublished filming photographs and write-ups on the less obvious in the series, an exclusive print, and, too, a set of postcards. Contributions over $300, whether they are made over time or in a lump sum, will be acknowledged with a mention in the book and a special gift.
Simply buying a print or a set of postcards would help, too.
If you'd like to invest into or sponsor this project, or if you've got questions, please get in touch.
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