"I just killed you."
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endeavourneverland: a story about love
A (big) book of our photographs and writings, coming late 2023.
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S9 prints
We're selling a few prints from the filming of S9. All proceeds go towards working on and publishing the book.
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Endeavour postcards
Get your pen out. Lick a stamp. Yes, it's a hopelessly old-fashioned way to communicate - but a joy that no modern dispatches can bring. We've made a set of postcards - actual postcards, the kind that you send with no envelope, the kind that travel across land and sea and arrive a little tired, carrying your handwriting - ever unmatched in warmth by printed text.

The postcards are press-printed on durable soft-touch matte paper and come in four sets of seven: "New" (photographs from the filming of S9), "Vintage" (previous years' photographs), "Thursday" (self-explanatory), and "Don't Go" (in the words of one editor, "No one wants to look at a picture of a person's back". We beg to differ).
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2023 Endeavour calendar
Doing our bit. The 2023 calendar project is now complete; thanks to your incredible generosity, we were able to raise over $2,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you were late, no worries - you can still get the calendar. Click below to order.
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THE SEA IS HERE: Absence As Presence
We have produced a group art book. It's not connected to "Endeavour", but we have Shaun Evans :). Shaun contibuted four photographs, a poem, and a reading of E.E.Cummings' "As is the sea...". Please visit the project's website to explore and, should you wish, to buy either a digital or paper copy of the book.

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