Produced & published by Unimpatient.1.
Photography by endeavourneverland.

Sold to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.
All rights reserved.
⚠️ The 2024 charity calendar sale to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support is now closed, and all three signed copies have been awarded. Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed.

The few leftover copies of the calendar are still available on a pay-what-you-want basis on this page, or for a fixed price of $28 on Etsy. By buying our printed products, you're supporting independent book publishing - the proceeds will help with the production costs of our upcoming "Endeavour" book. We also have postcards!

* * *

Continuing the last six years' tradition, we at
[Facebook/X] have created a calendar using our pictures taken during the filming of “Endeavour" series. This is a charity project. This year, the sales of the calendar are to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.
The 2024 edition of the calendar is 6" x 9", as opposed to 5" x 7" before 2023.
Last but not least... your copy might be signed by Shaun Evans! The two largest contributions earn a signed copy automatically. One other recipient will be randomly selected among all who bought a calendar.
  • You choose how much to pay. The minimum recommended contribution is $25, exclusive of postage.
  • We keep just enough to cover our costs ($15 per copy).
  • The rest goes to Macmillan Cancer Support...
  • ...and you get a calendar.
Example: if you contribute $35, we will keep $15 and send the remaining $20 to Macmillan.
Choose how much you would like to contribute by clicking on one of the options. Once you've chosen an option, a Paypal button will become active. If you'd like to use the "OTHER AMOUNT" option, please enter the desired amount and click "CONFIRM"; likewise, a Paypal button will then become active. If you're paying with a credit card and choose "OTHER AMOUNT", you'll be able to enter it on the payment page.

Payments are processed through our publishing company,

A flat postage of $14 will be added automatically to all orders. This is an average shipping cost for one calendar; we think it's fair for everyone to pay the same amount regardless of where they are in the world.

Please enter the recommended minimum of $25 or more.
Everything you might want to know about the project, in detail. If any of your questions aren't answered below, please contact us. We'll be happy to help.
Why is the price in US dollars?
We're based in the US and hence have to specify the price in dollars. When you make a payment, your bank will automatically convert your contry's currency to dollars, so you don't have to worry about it.
Is this a scam?
Ask Shaun Evans : )! This is our seventh calendar campaign. Since 2017, when we first showed up on the set of "Endeavour" with a camera, we printed and sent out hundreds of calendars and donated thousands and thousands of dollars to charities. Shaun is well aware of the project and helps by supplying a few signed copies each year.
How does ordering work?
You can pay by PayPal or credit card. Please note that all payments are handled by Unimpatient.1, our publishing company. Credit card payments are processed by Stripe, one of the largest online payment processing paltforms. It's safe, secure, and is used by millions of vendors across the world. We do not retain your credit card number, and do not share any of the information you supply when ordering.

How much you pay is up to you. The recommended minimum is $25, as this will cover our printing costs and still allow us to donate at least $10 to charity.

Once your order is complete, you will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal or Stripe, depending on how you paid, as well as an email from Endeavourneverland confirming that we received your contribution. We will send you an email once again as soon as and your calendar is ready to ship. That’s it!
Where do you ship? How much is postage?
We ship to anywhere in the world. Postage is $14, which is the average between US and international shipping cost for one calendar; we thought it'd be fair if everyone paid the same amount regardless of where they. Please be sure to supply your mailing address as you make a payment.
What does the calendar look like?
The calendar is printed on 12 (plus title) separate 6" x 9" sheets of matte soft-touch 18pt paper, giving you endless variety of display options. The paper is sturdy enough to stand upright on a shelf. A clipboard, a simple clamp, or magnetic pins will work well, too. Use your imagination. The back of each sheet is ruled and can be used for notes.

You can find our 2023 calendar here; this year's will be similar. It's been a tradition to keep the choice of photographs for a new calendar a surprise, which has worked well - no complaints so far : ).
Is the calendar official merchandise?
No. We hold the copyright to all photographs used in it. We are not affiliated with any entity that produces the "Endeavour" series.
Where do the photographs come from? Do you have permission to use them?
All photographs used in the calendar were taken, and are copyrighted, by ourselves. If you saw them online before, it means that someone stole them from us (or used them without attribution), not vice versa.

No specific celebrity protection laws exist in the UK; however, it's illegal to use an image of a well-known person for a commercial purpose without their express permission. Even though the purpose of this project is not commercial, we did obtain a permission to use the images.