Support War Child & get a 2020 "Endeavour" calendar
[Yours might be signed by Shaun Evans]


If you missed the deadline, you can still order the calendar by using the button(s) below. Signed copies are not available after deadline. Please allow 7 days until dispatch.

Continuing the last two years' tradition, we at endeavourneverland [Facebook/Twitter] have created a calendar using our pictures taken during the filming of “Endeavour" series. This is a charity project to benefit War Child. Like last year, Shaun Evans has kindly agreed to help by signing a few copies of the calendar for us - yours might be one of them!

How it works
  • You choose how much to pay. The minimum recommended contribution is $25 + postage.
  • We keep just enough to cover our costs (it's $15 to print a copy).
  • The rest goes to War Child UK...
  • ...and you get a calendar.

    Example: if you contribute $35, we will keep $15 and send the remaining $20 to War Child.

    Everyone who contributes, regardless of the amount, has a chance to receive a signed copy. We'll pick a winner at random. However, the largest donation will guarantee you one, as will being the first to answer an "Endeavour"-related question, to be supplied on Dec. 15th.


    Choose how much you would like to contribute. Selecting an amount to pay will activate the "ORDER" button, which will then take you to PayPal. If you select the "other amount" option, you will be able to enter it at the next screen.

    $30 $40 $50 Other amount ORDER A flat postage of $5 will be added automatically to all orders.


    Everything you might want to know about the project, in detail. If any of your questions aren't answered below, please contact us. We'll be happy to help.
    How does ordering work?
    Clicking the ”ORDER CALENDAR” button below will take you to Paypal. You can use either a Paypal account or a credit card. How much you pay is up to you. It costs us $15 to print and ship a calendar; any amount on top of that is donated to War Child. I.e., if you send $25, you get a calendar, and War Child gets $10.

    If ordering more than one copy, simply do the math, pay what you're comfortable with, and be sure to let us know how many copies you need.

    We will send you an email to confirm that your contribution has been received, and your calendar will be in the mail soon after (we'll let you know when). That’s it!
    Where do you ship? How much is postage?
    We ship to anywhere in the world. Postage is $5. Please be sure to supply your mailing address as you make a payment via PayPal.
    What does the calendar look like?
    As always, the calendar is printed on 12 (plus title) separate 5" x 7" sheets of matte heavyweight Mohawk paper, giving you endless variety of display options. The paper is sturdy enough to stand upright on a shelf. A clipboard, a simple clamp, or magnetic pins will work well, too. Use your imagination.

    Below are a few sample pages, from this year as well as from 2018 and 2019. We are using the same press and the same paper.

    How do I get a signed copy?
    Shaun is signing three copies for us. Here's what will (or might, as probabilities go) earn you one:
    • Largest contribution made before deadline.
    • Answering a (very tricky) "Endeavour"-related question, to be supplied after deadline.
    • Simply ordering the calendar! We'll pick a random winner.
    Is there a deadline?
    Yes. Please order your calendars by Dec. 15th 2019.
    Is there a minimum contribution amount?
    It costs us $15 to print one calendar. This, plus shipping, is the absolute minimum you can pay to get it. However, since paying this amount will add nothing to our War Child donation pool, we recommend making a contribution of at least $25.
    Is the calendar (official) merchandise?
    No. Not official, and not merchandise at all. The calendar is not meant for sale or resale. We hold the copyright to all photographs used in it. We are not affiliated with any entity that produces the "Endeavour" series; however, this project has been approved by Shaun Evans.